Product Guide 

LED Neon Sign

ledneonproduct guide.jpg__PID:0947af86-d127-4564-8c27-3f9a17c6b04dLed Custom neon sign diagram

Backlit LED Neon Sign

backlit copy.jpg__PID:500947af-86d1-47a5-a44c-273f9a17c6b0backlit Custom neon sign diagram

Size Guide

This guide outlines our dimension specifications. The minimum size requirement is determined by either the character count or the design complexity. Orders exceeding 125cm in width will be dispatched in two or more parts which will be arranged together very easily. For further details, please get in touch with our customer care team at

shores of london light.jpg__PID:d40abf3d-b24a-4bb5-9ab7-35985c162b9e

Any size above 125cm will be divided in 2 or more parts.

shores of london black.jpg__PID:f8d40abf-3db2-4aeb-b5da-b735985c162b


We offer a selection of 36 fonts to enhance the personalisation of your sign. Fonts with a bold and thick style, including QuantFh, Orbitron, Melvis, Movie Song, and others, will be crafted with an outlined design. Also some fonts won't be suitable for smaller sizes. You can always contact us by email to talk about your own font choice.

Love you More.jpg__PID:cde121fb-1a12-44d3-9522-dfea326eea65
Britanny Signature - font for neon sign
doing good better.jpg__PID:f901a7f0-1886-46cb-85e6-7d68d4f06728
Loves - font for neon sign
Kitchen disco.jpg__PID:3040cda1-a401-4193-b131-e24b2fcde121
Boarding- font for neon sign
A day without a laughter.jpg__PID:93b131e2-4b2f-4de1-a1fb-1a1274d3d522
Champaign and limousines - LED neon sign font
Wonderland.jpg__PID:4b2fcde1-21fb-4a12-b4d3-d522dfea326eClassy - font for neon sign
Bow Tie font for custom neon signs
rest refuel refresh.jpg__PID:e6d896ce-426e-44fe-a9eb-86a2547ab900
Sacramento - font for neon sign
media copy.jpg__PID:59030cb3-4005-4efe-aa14-06cc0ec45c08
Earth orbiter- font for LED neon sign
Orbitron - font for LED neon sign
piano bar.jpg__PID:ce1e643f-0f6d-40e8-90a3-66d2755c474e
Troblesome - font for custom neon signs
Strike n Out.jpg__PID:7ab03040-cda1-4401-8193-b131e24b2fcd
Neonneon - font for neon sign
Barcelona - Custom neon sign font
Check in here.jpg__PID:d5f03592-4c94-44bf-8040-f73de77ce649
Snow - font for led neon sign
Movies Song - font for neon sign
quantum font - font for custom led neon sign
what a view.jpg__PID:cda1a401-8193-4131-a24b-2fcde121fb1a
Planet- font for custom neon sign
dont tell mum.jpg__PID:a1a40181-93b1-41e2-8b2f-cde121fb1a12
Melvis- font for custom neon sign
Stylist Mod - Font for custom neon sign
Iron Maiden - font for custom led neon sign
one more rep.jpg__PID:31e24b2f-cde1-41fb-9a12-74d3d522dfeaBlackout Sunrise - font for custom neon sign
Semplicita - font for custom neon sign
moon flower - custom neon sign font
Candy Girl - Font for custom neon sign
order here.jpg__PID:3819afcb-8a19-48da-b479-79010e20df46
Sanctuary- font for custom neon sign
Sweet Dreams - font for custom neon signs
smile + wave.jpg__PID:5c7e6b84-67dc-400a-99bf-a01eafe91dc4
Star Wars - font - custom neon
oh shit its love.jpg__PID:0babd446-4e1b-48f6-8d85-63698e5a49e8
Dolce Vita Font- custom neon
Blossom - font- custo neon
Fashion Designer - font - custom LED neon
Hairline - font for custom neon sign
Cafe de Paris - LED neon sign font
Outfield - font for custom neon sign

Colour Options

Explore the flexibility in customising your colour preferences with two options. The first option is Single Colour, allowing you to select a vibrant hue from our diverse collection (check the colours section). The second option is colour changing, which provides RGB with various modes for dynamic colour transitions. A remote controller is included on the RGB option for convenient adjustments.

Single Colours

Colour Changing

LED Neon Colours

The image and video display the default colors of our LED Neon Strip lights when they are turned off and in low-light conditions.

Led Neon signs colours on
Led Neon signs colours off
custom neon sign colour green

Flawless Green

custom neon sign colour light blue

Diamond Ice Blue

Led Neon signs colours - blue

Boujee Blue

custom neon sign colour royal purple

Royal Purple

custom neon sign colour goddess rose

Goddess Rose

custom neon sign colour princess pink

Princess Pink

custom neon sign colour red

Scarlett Red

custom neon sign colour dark orange

Foxy Orange

custom neon sign colour orange

Honey Orange

custom neon sign colour  yellow

Sunshine Yellow

custom neon sign colour warm white

Sunkissed White

custom neon sign colour pure white

Sugar White

Neon Thickness

We provide two thickness options for our fonts: the Classic font with a 6mm width and the Bold font with an 8mm width.

non rubber tube thickness


heart neon sign - 6mm


heart neon sign 8mm thickness

Backboard Colours for LED Neon Signs

For LED Neon signs, each design comes with a board colour option. Please note that these colour choices apply exclusively to LED Neon signs and do not apply to Backlit signs.

Chill neon sign in pure white with clear backboard

Clear Board

frosted acrylic .jpg__PID:651728e2-3e12-4a5c-b39a-9703d49a1757

Clear Frosted Board

happy birthday neon sign in white with white backboard

White Board

Beautiful balance LED neon sign black backboard

Black Board

Rictorie LED neon sign with blue backboard

Blue Board

Athena LED neon sign with green backboard

Green Board

Tatto neon sign with red backboard

Red Board

orange board.jpg__PID:9f480fee-abac-476e-ac91-eac868b569fd

Orange Board

pink board.jpg__PID:c99c2b0f-e282-409f-880f-eeabac776e6c

Pink Board

yellow board.jpg__PID:9c2b0fe2-8270-4f48-8fee-abac776e6c91

Yellow  Board

Board Shape for LED Neon Signs

The LED Neon sign offers a choice of 4 board shapes.

Bar neon sign with board shape - cut to shape

Cut to Shape

open box bar led neon sign

Whole Board Open Box

white bar neon sign board shape - whole board

Whole Board

number twelve led neon sign board shape - freestanding


Optional design for LED Neon Signs

Enhance your sign with a charming touch! For just an additional £29.99, you can choose to add a star, heart, or rocket to your design. Please note that this option won't be visible in our online editor, but fear not – you can always request a personalized mock-up from our team.  

Ben star red custom neon

Add a Star

Lilly heart in honey orange custom neon sign

Add a Heart

Chris + rocket custom  neon sign

Add a Rocket

Back Lit Light Colours

The robins backlit sign with white board

Back lit light off

backlit light - warm white

Warm White

backlit light -  yellow

Golden Yellow

backlit light - red


backlit light - pink


backlit light - blue


backlit light - green


Connection Type

We provide 3 connection options for our LED Neon signs. The AC adaptor option enables continuous plug-in operation, is ideal for extended usage, and incurs no additional cost when ordered with a sign. Additionally, we offer two battery pack choices. Selecting a battery pack with the sign incurs no extra charge while opting for the rechargeable battery pack has an additional cost of £29.99 when ordered together with a sign. Both battery options offer mobility for the sign. The power cable is 1 meter long, but if you require a specific cable length, please contact our customer service at

power supply for neon sign

AC Adaptor

battery pack for neon sign

Battery Pack

rechargeable for neon sign

 Rechargeable Battery Pack

Dimmers (not suitable for RGB Neon Signs)

Enhance your Single Colour Neon Light with customisation options. Consider adding a Dimmer for an additional £19.99 or opt for the 9 Mode Remote Dimmer at £29.99, which includes Flash and Fade Modes. For a more advanced experience, the WIFI Controller, offering worldwide connection and dimming capabilities, is available for an additional £39.99.

12v black rotary dimmer neon sign

12V Black Dimmer

12v white rotary dimmer neon sign

12V White Dimmer

remote dimmer neon sign

Remote Dimmer

wifi controller neon sign

Wi-Fi Controller

Power Cables

power cable neon signs

Our standard single-colour cables have
switches to facilitate on/off.
Switch not included in RGB and Waterproof Signs, and also any size above 1,5meters.


rgb remote neon signs

All the RGB signs come with a remote controller.

Outdoor Accessory

A Junction Box is included in the Waterproofing option to secure your power supply against the elements.

waterproof box2.png__PID:c1103e27-f2c2-4e89-9949-5bf163486ca8

Juction Box

waterproof box4.png__PID:27f2c26e-8999-495b-b163-486ca8c45d71

The connection cable from the sign, must be placed inside the box

waterproof box3.png__PID:3e27f2c2-6e89-4949-9bf1-63486ca8c45d

Juction Box

Wall Mount Kit/ Hanging Kit / Open Box

To include pre-drilled holes in your sign, simply select the 'pre-drilled holes only' option at no additional cost. Additionally, we provide a Wall Mount Kit for an extra £4.99 when ordered with a sign, and a Hanging Kit is available for £9.99 as an optional add-on.

pre drilled holes neon signs
wall mouting kit neon signs
hanging kit neon signs

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