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Your wedding day might be the most memorable day of your life, but what happens when you plan for months and do not have anything to remember it by...Usually, couples eventually have nothing special to remember that day but shaky, basic pictures. Lots of people solve this problem by creating their personalised neon signs.  

Wedding planning can be fun but also stressful and overwhelming. Putting everything together takes time and money. You have to think of how to transform the venue into your personal preference. Many venues are small or/and indoors, so the picture options are limited. If your venue is a castle or an estate, you have so much space that it will look empty. We have collaborated with many event planners and often seek our services to light up the room.

Fortunately, we have the solution for you! Planet Neon has a range of products to pick and choose from, and I will break down your options. It can also be a form of inspiration for you to customise your personalised neon sign. Wedding neon signs are a vibrant, unexpected decoration that brighten your venue.

Our most popular option is our "Mr & Mrs" LED Neon Sign. It is simple, elegant, and most importantly affordable. You can also add your names or initials from our part-custom wedding-day collection. You can see more options in our wedding collectionA brilliant and original idea is to create mini freestanding signs for your wedding reception tables. You can either order your table numbers, or you can place your initials by the dessert table or cocktail bar.

Either way, wherever you use your LED neon sign, it will still look epic. A favorite option is to place your neon sign on the ceremony backdrop at the end of the aisle, and you can move it later to a floral wall or greenery block. This way you can bring a modern aesthetic to your venue. Photobooths are also a popular way to go.

By getting a neon sign, it is automatically elevating your space. Your neon sign of choice will make your pictures look grand. You and your guests can enjoy a collection of photos with a gorgeous background. Evidentially, you can keep your neon sign at your new home as a wedded couple. This way you can have another piece to remember a night full of love and beautiful memories.

A word of advice: to avoid any pitfalls, avoid ordering last minute. Our neon signs are handmade in London, and there is a high volume of orders.

Weddings are a beautiful way to honor your love for one another. Although wedding planning is demanding, everything is worth it in the end. As husband and wife, you will create unique memories and have fun with your loved ones. An event like this is life-changing, and we want to make it memorable for you. Pick an option of your liking and order your neon sign today!

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