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Say it with an LED Neon Sign: Gift Ideas to Make Mom's Day Brighter

Shine a Light on Mother's Day: LED Neon Sign Gift Ideas to Make Mom's Day Brighter - Planet Neon
Mother's Day is always a special day on everones calendar, it's the day we get to express gratitude and love to our mothers/grandmothers for everything they do for us. For bringing us to life, raising us and looking after us. 
If you're wondering what to buy for this Mother's Day, this blog is perfect for you, so keep reading. 

1) Say 'I love you' with a statement.

Instead of writing a card, surprise your mom with a unique neon sign that conveys your message. For example, you can write meaningful words or phrases your mother will see daily in her home. Some ideas for neon signs include:
  1. "Best Mum Ever"
  2. "I Love You, Mum."
  3. "Home Is Where Mum Is."
  4. "You Are My Favourite Person."
  5. "Motherhood Is A Work Of Heart."
  6. "Mama Bear."
  7. "Coffee & Chaos" ( For the mother who runs on coffee and manages to handle all the chaos in life.)
  8. "Cheers to the Queen."
The possibilities are endless, so get creative and choose a sign your mom will love!

2) Choose a Neon sign with a meaning

If you need more ideas or words to put on a neon sign, consider buying one with a meaningful design. A simple shining heart or even a rainbow can mean a lot to your mother. You can also choose a sign that matches your mother's interests. For example, if your mother loves drinks, you can buy her a 'BAR' sign. Her zodiac sign would be a good idea as well. For mothers full of positivity, you can look into a 'Good Vibes Only' sign, or for anxious mums, the 'relax' sign could serve as a reminder to relax, let stress go, and enjoy life.


3) Gift Voucher 

If you are still not sure on what neon sign to buy, consider purchasing a gift card so your mother can choose her design. This is especially useful if your mother is already planning to buy a neon sign or if she is a fan of them.


Remember, the most important thing is to choose a message that is meaningful to your mum, and she will appreciate it. LED Neon Signs can be a unique and thoughtful gift, plus it will brighten up your mum's living space and show her how much she means to you. 

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