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What is the best font for your custom LED Neon Sign?

What is the best font for your custom LED Neon Sign? - Planet Neon

Many considerations go into designing a custom neon sign. Size, colour, shape, and most importantly, the font. This part of the design process can be tricky and intimidating, depending on your experience level. No set combination of font and colour works best. Everyone has their own opinion on what looks good and feels right, but I'm going to help you by offering up some ideas and choices you should consider when choosing a custom neon sign font.
It all goes according to the message that you're trying to pass. Although in case of doubt, choose a basic font like Loves or a script font like Britanny Signature.
As part of the design rules, each family font tends to have a meaning. Because the fonts help create a mood and an atmosphere in the place.

Usually, signs for the kid's place tend to be scripted or have a round font. It just looks adorable, to be honest. For a wedding, I will say that 95% of our orders, people tend to choose a scripted font. Our bestseller is Britanny, and there's no chance to go wrong or you feel that you don't like the final product.
An essential piece of information regarding fonts is serif. Unfortunately, it is quite impossible to do in a small size, so forget all serif fonts unless you want a huge size. We often receive enquiries about bold fonts and if we can do it. The answer is no. There's no way to fill it with neon, so we opt to do an outline. It still gives the powerful message that its aim is just right.

There's so much diversity out there, and I can understand that it may be hard to think about all these little details when the only sure thing you know is the text and the colour.
We hope this guide helps you pick a font for your upcoming custom neon sign. And to be honest, there's no right or wrong, it is essential that you really like what you are going to choose because the sign will stay for a long time. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Planet Neon.

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