What to Consider When Buying a Neon Sign

What to Consider When Buying a Neon Sign - Planet Neon

Buying a Neon Sign is no joke. It is a significant investment that needs to be adequately dealt with.
It is imperative to consider the main reason you will have it, so it will make sense to have septs to choosing it.
Is it for your business, Is it for your home decor, or is it a gift?
As a first thought, you may already have a place to put the sign, that big empty wall that needs to be decorated. However, it is essential to think that the location of your new LED Neon Signs at home or business can affect the visibility and the aesthetic of the surroundings. So think carefully about this and if you want a different backboard that appeals to you or just needs something simple.
la terraza led neon sign
And all of this goes to size. If you intend to offer it as a gift, you may think about a small/ medium size so it can be put on a shelve or in any other place. The same advice goes if it is your home decor. Confirm where you want to put it first and choose the width. Planning a DIY decorating at home is exciting.
For the business will be all about visibility. How far do you want people to see it? What is the impact that you want to cause? It's a logo or a catchy sentence. Replying to the question will save time with a good decision and a final nice aesthetic.
After you decide where to place, let's think about your budget. This step is essential. How much do you want to spend on a sign? If there's no budget, you can just go on and order what you exactly want. Otherwise, it is essential to know that more characters are expensive. So you may want to re-write that long quote and shorten it to something simpler.

The same applies to images. Detailed images will take more material to do, and you will pay the price. So don't expect if you want to turn a detailed rose into a LED Neon Sign and if you spend 3 times more than a simple outline rose.
Another thing that you should put on a budget section if you require an electrition to install the sign. All the LED Signs came ready to set up - plug and play. However, you may need to hide the electrical cord depending on where you want to put it. You can also request while you order (or after) to have a longer electrical wire.

Colour and shape are other decisions that affect the final aesthetic of the sign. What image do you want to represent? The meaning of colours in design is still can be applied here. White represents calm and cleanness, pink, beauty and feminine and red passion and courage, it's a long list, and you do not think about all of these factors. Still, it is an interest association to also do this not only for your business but as well for your home.the law of asthetic

The shape is only essential depending on if you want a specific background, like greenery or hanging on an event. But it is wise to think about it. You don't want to order a whole board and figure out that all the space around does not look that good.

The same applies to ordering the sign with pre-drilled holes or no. It's simple. To hang it, you must request pre-drilled holes on a sign. But you don't need to buy the wall mount kit from the company, since it is accessible to find anywhere. But if you want to set up everything straight away. Make sure to put it as well on the basket. 

Don't forget to check all the extras you can have on your sign before finalising the order. For example, do you feel that you want to dim up or down the sign from a certain distance? If the answer is yes, you need a remote dimmer. On the other hand, if you just need to dim down a little bit, for example, if you want a sign for a kids' room, maybe you can have a manual dimmer for a lower price. Extras like dimmer and waterproofing can raise your budget, so think carefully if you require those.

Now I know you're ready to buy your first LED Neon Sign. Having a Sign placed at your home or business will change the environment making it more eye-catching and brightening up the space, and let's be real, the energy as well. So what are you waiting for?


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