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5 Steps to Make Your Own Uniquely Cool LED Neon Sign

5 Steps to Make Your Own Uniquely Cool LED Neon Sign - Planet Neon

"We should hang somenthing cool here". So, that's what she said. But what? This question is often made when someone wants a LED Neon Sign, fun, different and creative.
So, what is the trick to having something different hanging on your wall that no one else has?
Follow this step to achieve that unique decor at your workplace or home.

Step 1: Find a theme
Think if you want something related to a particular subject; food, a specific tv-show or your business, like what people tend to say. For example, if you're a hairdresser, when people tend to cut the ends, they always have to not cut them too short. But, on the other hand, you may find it easier when you have a direction, so you can play around with that.

quote about short hair saying 'short but not too short'


Step 2: Extensive research - not that extensive
From your search engine, you can just type funny quotes about the subject and give a look to see what is out there. You may like something and use it, or you can change the words to make it even more personal.
You can also use Pinterest, a great social media platform, to give you ideas and save them as a board.

Step nr. 3: Find a company.
You don't need to look further for this step. You can just type This is the nr1 company in London of handmade LED Neon Signs. Signs are made in the UK, so you will be supporting a small business, and the quickest delivery can be done in 2-3 working days. You should always look for the work that they have done before, so you can sneak to Instagram and type @planetneonlondon.

Step 4: Prices
Quick quotes can be done over the website under custom signs. And pay attention to everything that you need. Finally, don't forget to check the product guide page. It can give you some clarification about size and lettering and all extras that you may need.

Step 5: Receiving
You received your 'cool' LED Neon Sign, and it's ready to hang on the wall or put on a shelve. It always came with a back protective film, so remove it before you do something else.

When done right, one of the best ways you can add a vibrant touch of colour to your living space is with a cool neon sign. This gives a modern update and a more personalized twist, making interactive, stylish and statement piece.

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