LED VS Glass Neon Sign - Which Should I Get?

LED VS Glass Neon Sign - Which Should I Get? - Planet Neon

There is a great deal of difference when choosing between LED Neon signs and Glass Neon signs. You might be wondering what is the best choice – glass neon signs or LED neon signs? Glass neon signs were extremely popular in the 1920s to 1960s and died out in the 1990s with the development of LED technology.

For several reasons, LED neon signs are a better choice than glass neon signs.

One reason is that LED signs are more energy efficient as they consume 75% less energy than traditional incandescent light. The life span of an LED sign is also longer than the average lifespan of a glass one. Although the gas itself may last longer than the LED lights, the electrical parts of the glass sign are not long-lasting. Glass neon signs are more expensive to run than LED signs. An average LED sign will only cost about £60 a year to run whereas an average glass neon will cost about £250 a year.

LED signs are also easy to customise in any name or logo that you desire, because the glass tubes cannot be bend as tightly. In addition, LED signs to come in a much larger variety of colour options than glass neon signs. Glass Neon Signs are not ideal for long-term use outdoors however, LED Neon signs can be waterproof so, they are great for indoor and outdoor signage.

Another reason why LED signs are better is that they’re more durable than glass ones. Glass can crack or break under pressure or impact, while LEDs do not have this problem. Besides, with one small crack on a glass neon sign and the entire piece is broken. LED neon signs don’t use mercury that is a chemical gas that upon high-level exposure can be harmful to people’s health.

LED Neon signs are very popular and cost-effective. More and more customers choose this type of sign for their business, home, or venue. Ultimately, it all depends on your preferences and needs.

chill led neon signSo why are LED Neon Signs better than Glass Neon Signs? With the clear advantages provided by LED neon signs, many business owners and consumers alike will likely find them to be a superior alternative to glass neon signs going forward. They are cheaper, easier to maintain, have lower power requirements, and are more durable and longer-lasting. The time-tested appeal of glass neon signs may not be enough to keep many people from switching to LED in the coming years.

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