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DIY Neon Sign: How We Designed and Built It

DIY Neon Sign: How We Designed and Built It - Planet Neon

We know what you're thinking. Why is “build” in the title? To build a sign means to construct it piece by piece, right? Technically. But DIY doesn't always mean do it yourself. In this case, you have the help of a professional neon sign maker to do all the hard work for you. And this is where we come in.

First, you have the idea. Doesn't need to be finished. Our in-house design team will help you until you're certain of what you want.
The faster way is you can use our Online Custom Editor if you just want text, or in case of adding an image you can use our Upload Your Own Design page.
We offer a range of 12 colours, along with 18 different fonts and 6 different backboard colours.

After that, if you choose to receive an approval mock-up, you will confirm that the sign looks exactly as you wanted and is ready to be sent to production.
On production, the acrylic board is cut accordingly of your choice, cut-to-shape or the whole board - and all little details that are included in your design.

Our experienced team is ready to build with LED strip lights, giving all the security and energy-saver signs that you can have.

Don't forget to add all the essential extras that you may need, like pre-drilled holes, waterproofing or dimmers.
After being dispatched you just need to check with your tracking number, and you're welcome.

Watch the following video to see how we do it at full speed.

This sign has a beautiful story behind it. A professor asked his students to create a design for their classroom neon sign. They made a contest and this is the winning design. Enjoy!


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