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Neon Signs: Spectacular Backgrounds to add the Wow factor

Neon Signs: Spectacular Backgrounds to add the Wow factor - Planet Neon
The reality is that Neon Signs are that extra piece of decor that is always cool to have around, even when you don't know what you want. The most you research and see what you can do, sometimes you need that distinctive element to make your sign unique, creative and memorable - the wow factor.

For example, placing the sign on top of greenery will create a wonderful eye-catching combination. At first sight, seems like a general idea and everyone is doing it. However, how you decorate the greenery makes the difference. If it's the whole board, place different types of colourful flowers, in strategic places. Think like a mini bouquet of flowers.led neon sign with fake grass on the background

In case you may not fancy the whole backboard, just add a couple of greenery mixing with colour, on a thought-out area position around the sign. If it's in a business, the spot can be a point of making people share it as a background image. The Internet loves these little details of decorations. If it's your home you can choose an area like the backyard or an entryway. It will give a memorable and warm welcome to all visitors and add your personality to your place.

When celebrating a special occasion, the set makes a lot of difference. Not only for the 300 pictures that will be recorded for eternity but mostly because it's a unique date, and it's nice to do something different.
Thinking about parties, like weeding or birthdays, neon signs are being searched because they can be personalized and after the occasion, it's a different memory to have on the house I would say a very beautiful one. So, hanging the sign and using it as a background. Or if the event has an outside area, then a neon sign can be portable, so the backdrop is the sign plus the beautiful landscape.led neon sign with black backdrop

Colorfull backdrops are another easy way of making your sign distinguishable. When it's dark, you won't see a difference, but in daylight is another level.

LED Neon signs have a particular vibe that cannot be denied. They create a visual impact grabbing everyone's attention. The combination of neon colours and stunning backgrounds will ensure it is impossible to be forgotten.

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